It's about time to be passionate

In a scary two and a half months I will be starting my senior year of college. WHAT. Not to be cliche and nostalgic, but it honestly feels as if I was graduating high school just yesterday. But over the past years in my college career I’ve grown from a little high school graduate with big eyes looking toward the future to a young adult professional developing huge but attainable goals for my life all while turning into the person I've always wanted to be.

As this has been on my mind incessantly the past couple of months, it's only appropriate that I was contacted by Webucator to write a post about what I think is the most valuable skill or characteristic a professional can have. Though I'm not an expert as my professional career is still locked in internships and freelance work, I feel as if I have a good gauge on what it takes to be successful. Maybe the skill I'm supposed to write is meant to be more technical. Maybe I'm supposed to say something like they should know how to code or how to write a press release or how to be on time. But I think it goes beyond that...

I’ve always been an extremely passionate person about what I want to do with my life and have had a firm grasp on the idea that I’m here on this earth to do some sort of good for a large amount of people. That’s what I honestly believe my calling is. Now, fitting my skills and talents into that larger purpose has been a challenge. But if nothing else, my college career has taught me to chase what it is I love doing. I’ve spent too much time doing things I don’t want to do and have actually put lots of effort into those things... and very quickly I’ve developed a laundry list of things I don’t want to do with my life.

By spending so much of my time working hard in my career path to accomplish my goals, I’ve learned a lot about what makes someone a good worker and what makes someone successful.

Obviously, we all develop varying definitions of what “successful” is, but for me it’s doing what you love and finding yourself in a constant state of joy through that. But in the more professional world sense, I suppose it’s about getting a job in the field you love and working hard for that job and for me, making a larger difference in this world.

Over my years of interning and leading I’ve come across so many different kinds of people both professional and not so professional. Whether it’s working with someone in a team or hiring someone to put on my team, the people that I want to work with and that have the most impact are passionate people.

It may be cheesy or cliche, but to me the most valuable asset a person can have to propel them into success is passion.

With a yearning to complete something or to meet a goal, people will go to every length to make sure they are successful. In my experience I would rather hire someone who may not know as much, but is very passionate, than someone who may know the ins and outs about something, but doesn’t really care. In the long run, the person who has that fire and passion is going to do exponentially better than the person who doesn’t really care. Passion drives so many actions. I can see that in other people, and I can definitely see it in myself.

If I wasn’t passionate and fired up about what I wanted to do in life, I probably wouldn’t be doing anything at all because it's so easy to not work hard sometimes.

To me, being passionate about what you want to do in life is the most important characteristic a young professional (or really any professional) can have. You not only enjoy your work more, but you tend to work much harder when you really care about what you're doing. And when 4:55 comes around you aren't counting down the seconds until you can bolt out the door. You are frantically trying to get as much done in those five minutes as in humanly possible.

Those are the people who are going to be successful in this life.

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