On driving and feeling happy

Whilst sitting at my desk in a creepily silent office earlier today, I scrolled through blog after blog about marketing and social media and big data and all of that industry jazz that accompanies a social media internship. 

I was beginning to dose off as my caffeine high was wearing down when I came across this Brains On Fire blog. I quickly scanned the title "Owning Your Attention" and thought eh I'll read on. I suddenly got a resurge of energy as I completed the post because I have not related to something so well in a very long time. 

The post, which you can read here, discussed the idea of being stuck in life whether that be in school or in a bottomless awful job or just the same daily routine. I often fall into this "being stuck" state of mind and often find it difficult to come out of. Especially nowadays, I feel as if there have been so many things I can be negative about, and I find myself getting stuck in a negative way of thinking. 

This post was simple and brief, but for some reason gave me the encouragement to just put a smile on my face and remind myself the only person stopping me from being light hearted and happy is myself. And it's my responsibility to make the most out of my days and live them how I want to live them. And I want to live them happy.  

Later on as the evening cooled, I hopped in my car, rolled the windows down, turned my music up and jammed out so hard because I felt really just free. And for me, aimlessly driving around and smelling the setting sun and peacefulness outdoors, reinforced the idea of freedom and not being stuck. And for once in the past few weeks I felt quite a bit lighter. 

And here's a little snap shot from my little drive. The sun was setting and I just felt happy! 

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