Someday Came Suddenly

I'm sitting at my desk at my summer internship that is decently boring (but pays me through the roof so I can't complain), and I'm surfing Pinterest, right? Because what else are you meant to do when you have 37 minutes left in the day and you have a movie date with the boyfriend to look forward to.

I'm scrolling through a home decor board liking and pinning things left and right as I'm furnishing a new apartment in just a few weeks, when I recalled the day when I was younger and dreamt about what my first apartment would look like. I would think "ooo I want a house with a huge porch and a garden" or "ahh what about a really posh loft with brick walls!"

So I'm daydreaming and literally just aimlessly clicking through this board thinking "oh I could buy that when I'm older!" or "that's what my apartment will look like someday!" When I realized, wait... I could go down to the shop and buy that now if I wanted. I don't have to wait... if I want to buy that expensive bedspread, I can do that. If I want an apartment with an exposed brick wall, I can rent one...

And I stopped with my finger on the clicker because it just hit me. My fantasized "somedays" are today.

I always dreamt of going to college: well here I am about to enter my senior year at a university. I always wanted to fall in love: well I'm dating an amazing guy that I love so very much. I always yearned to travel: I've gone on four or five different trips in the past year and am about to hop on a flight to NYC in a couple days! I wanted to write a book: well look at me with two blogs and five articles published and some fabulous short stories under my belt.

All of those hours and days and months and years that I spent wishing and hoping and dreaming about what the future may be like... well, those days are here. Today is the future. And to be quite honest, I wish I had this discovery standing on a mountain or looking over London or something dramatic like that, but at least I'm realizing it. I am living the life I always imaged!

Now I have to admit it isn't as picturesque as my 10-year-old eyes imagined it to be, but when everything adds up, this is the life I stayed awake at night drawing in my head and writing in my journals. And I've just being moping around everyday thinking when will my life get exciting? When will all of my hard work and dreaming pay off? When will my life finally begin? And it pains me to admit it, but it began a long time ago... I was just too focused on the future to even realize it.

Someday came quite suddenly.

*Props to whoever knows what the title is in reference to.

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