The Big Apple

By nature, I am extremely and oddly terrible at directions. I have a lot of common sense and am decently intelligent, but for some reason I look at a map then look to the street and am instantly lost. So, I am quite proud of myself for spending five days in NYC and only getting lost once! Success.

I went to visit my two best friends who are lucky enough to be doing internships in the city for the summer. It worked out for me, because I had a free place to stay while I was there, which means I had extra cash to blow on foodies!
I was there five days and saw so many things, it’s all a blur now! But I’m now home with feet blisters out he wazzoo and about a thousand pictures of everything I saw.

While I really loved visiting the city and seeing all the sites, I really learned something about myself while I was there. I always thought and people always told me that I was a New York City kind of gal and I would love living and working there when I got older. But spending a few days in the city like a real New Yorker just made me realize how much I really wouldn’t like living there.

It’s a little bit of a change for me because I’ve always thought I would graduate college and move to the city, but New York just isn’t for me. The craziness and the rush and the dirty streets and the cramped apartments just aren’t for me. And that’s ok. At least now I know where I don’t want to live! And I can choose from another city on the list of possibilities.

Regardless of my self-discovery, I still had a wonderful time in the city with my best friends, and I’m so glad I got to get away for a couple days and enjoy something different and new.

I also did a lil lil vlogging while I was there. Check is out if you so please.

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