My Life in Videos

December of 2013 marked the greatest and most liberating adventure of my life. Perhaps that's a little bit of an overstatement to say I just went on a cross country road trip with my friends. To be honest, though, it was the greatest adventure and it was liberating and it was exciting and freeing and every wonderful adjective you could think of.

It seemed like a dream to us when we were planning it out. Almost like we were just going to embark on this magical journey in our heads. But low and behold came the day when six of us piled into a Suburban with a bags and coolers filled with goodies and we hit the road to the west.

Of course, I had to vlog the entire trip. To be honest I didn't do it with the intention that anyone aside from my friends and I would want to watch them, but I thought I would share with the Internet! If you have a propensity for travel and care to see my adventures, check it out: