You Are Worth It

It's taken me nearly 21 years to realize it, but I now take comfort knowing not a single person is going through this life alone. We are not in this alone.

Before coming to this really heart warming realization, I really was a loner. I didn't like to accept help from anyone as I thought strength meant doing life alone and figuring out my own problems and taking care of myself. I was afraid that I wasn't strong, so I did what I could to be strong. And I am a bit naturally independent (perhaps a bit cocky as well). 

And when I was going through something difficult, I always thought they were my problems and no one else needed to be burdened by them. I felt, and still sometimes feel, that because of my issues or problems, I am not deserving of people's sympathy and help. They are my problems, right? It's not worth anyone else's time. 

But the truth is that each and every one of us are surrounded by people who love us. We are surrounded by people who make our problems their problems. We aren't in this alone. As quite a few wonderful loved told me "we are going to make it through this together." And we will make it through this together. 

And I suppose I just have to say that if you ever feel like you aren't worth the help, concern or love of people, you really are. You are worth it. You are more than worth it. And that's something I have come to terms with. Even though I am going through a lot and I'm sometimes crazy, I am worth it. I worth the love and concern of my loved ones. And so are you. 

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