On the Future

Recently I began my senior year of college. Along with entering my final year at a university I've been forced to think long and hard about my future.

If you are in college or even in high school, I'm sure you get the question all the time "What do you want to do after graduation?"

There's always move back home and live with mom and dad! Work an easy job in town and call it a day. There's always get a job (hah, easier said than done). There's always travel (again hah, easier said than done). There's always grad school.

Which ever way you spin it, existing on the brink of a major life switch is never easy and mostly terrifying. But to be honest I have no idea what I want to do; and this is coming from a gal who has everything always planned out down to the last t.

Normally people have to learn to think about the future and plan for what could come. But I had to take the opposite step. I had to realize that fussing and worrying and making all of these plans for the future right now, really doesn't do me any good. It will only make my senior year of college miserable.

I'm confident enough in myself, and I hope other people are confident in themselves enough, to realize things will fall into place just as they are meant to.

But just because things will fall into place, doesn't mean we get to slack off right now. No. In fact I think it should be the spark to make us work even harder to right now to allow things to fall into place. Work hard, but don't worry.
The future will come just as the future is meant to come. Enjoy today, because it's gone too quickly.

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