Light and Airy

It's nice to not be bitter for a moment. It's beautiful to let the events that left me jaded and scared go for a time. It's nice to giggle again from something so innocent and light. And it's daring to see hope for prospects and possibilities instead of an impending doom that things won't get better. 

Maybe it's a combination of letting things go and new opportunities that allows me to feel free. But whatever the reason, the freeing moments are what I live for. And the beautiful thing is that you don't know when those moments are coming. They are seemingly random, when you happen into a moment where the pounding horrors of the past alleviate from your consciousness, and all that's left are smiles and giggles and maybe a sweet little happy dance here and there. You can't expect the moments or plan them, because expectations are imminent self-damaging evils. You just have to let them come when they do and let the joy and happiness envelope you. Let the moment sink in and immerse yourself in every smile and giggle and playful touch. Let the kind words let you feel happy. Let a gentle kiss flutter your heart. Let it all make you feel light. 

Let the wind take your worries and be left with fresh clean non expectant air. 

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