National Day Without Stigma

Today is the National Day Without Stigma, a day dedicated to fighting the stigma against mental illness. Today is all about creating an environment where people with any kind of mental illness feel free to talk about their problems and illnesses so that they may seek help. 

So often, people with mental illness feel discriminated against or outcast because of their disease. But the thing about mental illness is that people who suffer with it, don't choose to suffer. Their mental illness is out of their control. People feel free to talk about diabetes or cancer or the flu, well mental illness is no different. It's a sickness that people can't help. But so many are silent sufferers. They don't speak about it, so they don't get the help or medication they need. 

Today is all about creating an open and inclusive environment for those people who do suffer. If you think mental illness doesn't affect you, it probably does. You may not suffer from mental health problems, but someone you know more than likely does. 

People who don't understand it think people with mental illness are weird or crazy. So who would want to talk about something that labels them as crazy? 

This is something close to my heart, which is why I'm speaking about it. But if this touches your life too, make sure to get more information at

Help break the silence. Help break the stigma. 

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