Book Review - Still Life with Bread Crumbs

This book was on sale at Target and it had a cool cover so I bought it. Little did I know the book would involve a love affair between a 45-year-old roofer and a 60-year-old photographer; so that was a bit weird I guess. But to be fair, the book was more than just a love story. It was really about accepting change and letting go of predetermined opinions and of course the typical theme of learning to be yourself. It was different from many books I've read as it focuses on the life of a woman in her 60s. As a 21-year-old I tend to read books with main characters more toward my age, simply for the reason that I can relate to them more. But I appreciated the honesty with which the author developed her characters; though they are older they still have very human struggles than can bridge even a 40 year gap.

The book did have some beautifully written prose. The author is absolutely a master manipulator of the English language, and that was probably the most engaging part of the book for me personally. The scenes she sets up are intricate and written with a lot of care and detail and the metaphors and analogies she uses to present ideas and themes are unique and out of the box keeping the book dynamic. 

I will say though, there is a lot to be desired from the plot. I was about halfway through the book before the story line really became interesting to me. Overall good book, but not great book. I feel as if I should have gotten more out of it than I actually did, I don't think I was in a self edifying mood when I read this. So perhaps read the book if you are in a time of deep thinking in your life. You will probably gain some more inspiration from this story, I think. 

Alright, now on to a more exciting book...