Who knows what the future holds. You knows what tomorrow holds. Who knows what will happen in an hour. But I know that right now in this very minute, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else because this is the most perfect of distractions from everything I'm trying to let go of and forget about.

Not a single soul knows what will become of this, but the mystery is okay and good even. And sometimes not knowing is better than knowing; it makes every moment more memorable and more special. Every touch is distinct and purposeful because it may not ever happen again. Every word is playful and light because that's what keeps our hearts young and hopeful. While the world happens all around, this distraction keeps the soul at ease and void of the pain that could potentially stab. It's reminiscent of the younger years when things were easier and not so serious. 

Maybe it's foolish to act like nothing could ever hurt. But I would rather act a bit foolish than lean on the possibility of the pain that could come eventually. Don't think twice. Just be there in the moment. It's freeing.