First Memories

I wonder what a first memory says about a person. If my first memory is me waking up at a hospital when I was four after an eye surgery and seeing my parents smiling faces floating toward me as I dozed off dizzy again. What does that say about me? 

What if my first memory was me laying in my crib in my little room when I was two staring at the door through my crib bars waiting for someone to come in and talk to me. What does that say about me?

Maybe it was when I was three and demanded that I run around the house naked before I was put into my bath. And subsequently I demanded to run around the house after my bath as well. What can I say? I was a spunky little kiddo. 

What if my first memory was when I was four staring at an open casket that held the cold little corpse of my baby sister? And then the next was her perfectly white casket being lowered into the ground while my family just stared and cried. What if that was my first memory? 

Thing is I'm not entirely sure how true any of these stories are as I can't exactly count on my child mind remembering the dirty details. But these memories are the ones that pop into my head. I think what says more about me is why these singular memories pop into my head out of everything else I experienced when I was young. Why these moments? Why these particular and extremely random events?