Life goes on

I spend so much time complaining and whining about all of the negative things that go on in my life, as if they are all in this little army that's going to cause the end of the world or at least some dramatic event. Of course we all get down about things, and sure it's okay to be down about things. I don't want to feel guilty for feeling sad or hopeless sometimes because it's normal and necessary. But I have to remind myself that I don't have to be down for as long as I am sometimes. 

We all go through things. We all see the shit hit the fan. We all grieve and feel sad, but that doesn't have to be a permanent thing. It's hard to realize sometimes that life goes on, because when we are in moments of distress it seems eternal, but it isn't. Sometimes, I even perpetuate my own sadness I'm sure. I forget that life goes on. The idea of my sadness lasting makes me sink into sadness even further. But life goes on. 

We face the hardships, but life goes on. It'll be alright. That's what we need to remind ourselves when we are down, it'll be alright.