Little bit of free writing

I swear my taking this creative non-fiction writing fiction class was the best decision I've made in a while. We've only had two classes, but I've learned so much so far! The people in my class weird me out a bit and can be decently pretentious, but nonetheless they're all good writers so it's okay. Today, my teacher said we would be doing "free writing." The rules are you have ten minutes to write and you can't stop moving your hand the entire time. It didn't matter if it was incoherent ramblings or the most intricately crafted essay, as long as you kept writing for the full ten minutes, it was a success.

By the end of the ten minutes I had a page and a half of beautiful chicken scratch and a hateful hand cramp. I was even out of breathe a bit. I guess when you're writing up a storm and you have all of the ideas competing for the chance to be permanently printed onto a page, you forget to take a breathe or two... or three. I chose to write about something I've written about many times before, and something I'm sure I will write about here again sooner or later, but it was still therapeutic. My writing derailed a bit and took a turn a wasn't quite prepared for, but it was a wonderful ten minutes of self discovery. Like I said, this is a topic I've written about on many occasions, but each time I write about it in a different way. And each time I learn something new about myself and that situation. Each time, it becomes a little bit more clear. Each time, I see new aspects of the situation  I didn't quite notice before. Part of me wishes I had newer and more engaging ideas that I could write about each time I sat down the get my thoughts out, but if I keep writing about the same few, they must hold some sort of significance. I'm writing about them for a reason; it's not all just random. 

So, I went on a tangent about about a very familiar topic today. I let my raw thoughts take over, and i left the class feeling that much more relieved. Damn, I'm really going to miss college if one single class can make you feel this relaxed and free. 

And there ends my time of non stop typing that makes up my blog post for today. If you haven't already, you should try free writing sometime. Don't think or overthink, just sit there and write and write and write and see where your mind takes you. No idea is a bad idea.