Metal Bars

You can't just ask them why, because they may not know the answer. 

You can't tell them to stop, because they don't have the ability to stop. 

You can't say it's pointless, because that term has no relevance to them. 

You can't tell them they're crazy, because they aren't. 

You can't judge them, because that will make them retreat.

You can't tell them they're overreacting, because they can't control their reactions. 

You can't tell me I need to get help or I should just stop worrying or I just need to take a minute and pull it together or I'm being overly emotional or there's nothing to worry about. There may be everything to worry about, and there may be nothing to worry about. But Anxiety being the selfish controlling asshole it is, demands to be felt when it wants. It doesn't care about you or your feelings. It just wants you to notice it. You could be laying in bed, talking to a friend, on a date, at work, in class, ordering dinner, seeing a movie, driving.... It doesn't matter to Anxiety. When it wants to be noticed you best believe it is going to do everything in its power to be the center of attention and dominate the center stage of your mind with the giant spotlight illuminating its evil. 

You can beg and plead to be released, but Anxiety doesn't hear you. You're in a dirty cell and Anxiety is the impenetrable bars holding you hostage. If you close your eyes for long enough it can feel like its gone. Maybe the bars were a pigment of your imagination. Maybe none of it is real. But then you open your eyes to the grim darkness enveloping you in the cell and you see those metal bars there like they've been. No release. No escape.