My House by Pvris

Jot this down to be one of the most random, but not so random blog posts of this year. Is it weird to write a blog post about a song? Not an album review or "you have to check out the totally rad new band!" (Side note, does anyone say rad anymore or am I just old and out of touch now?) This isn't some sort of review or promo of any sort but just a solid post about a single song.

I'm a bit of a music freak, but my tastes are decently selective to be frank. I'll listen to pretty much anything (aside of country and classic rock because ew), but metal core is my jam. I have a 52 song playlist on Spotify called "Shitty Screamo Music" so there you go solid proof. 

But this song, people. I'm telling you. No matter your music preference or your strong distaste in a certain genre, this song will hit you where it matters. I literally cannot hype it up enough (also sorry if you hate it). 

The song is called My House by Pvris (pronounced Paris). Interpretation is up to the listener, but to me it's about ridding your life of evil. Whether that's general evil and negativity or its a particular thing or person, that's up to you.  For me it's a person and sometimes a general negativity. But the lead sings so deeply and powerfully about ridding her soul of the haunting evil that penetrates her soul. And for someone who once felt improsoned by a relationship, it's empowering to listen to someone sing about breaking free the feeling of your soul being trapped. 

Moral of story, check out this song. I really hope you love it as much as I do.