My one true love

If in this life I don't find true love, my true love will be my adventures. The foreign roads my feet touch. The wind blowing around me from standing on top of a mountain. The buzz and comforting smells of a French cafe. The hoots and hollers from a German bar and the crash of empty shot glasses smacking the bar and the subsequent shouts from the burn of the whiskey. My true love will be the pyramids of Egypt that always seemed too spectacular to notice me there gazing in awe at its grandeur and ancient wisdom and secrets. The mountains and oceans and lush mazes of New Zealand will capture my heart. The strong scent of peppers and chile that set my nose on fire from the heart of Brazil. The crystal clear water, the pure sand and the cozy blanket of warmth from Dubai. The hum of amazed tourists gazing at art pieces that have stood the test of time in museums that defy the passage of years. 

My true love in this life will be the bump of the airplane tires hitting the runway signifying the beginning of a new adventure.