Swollen Eyes, Full Head, Definitely Losing

Somedays you wake up and realize oh I'm sick as a dog, today is more than likely going to suck. The events of today were not terrible, but I definitely walked around in a daze today and embarrassed myself with my eternally drippy nose that I continuously had to keep sniffling during silent writing in my writing class today. I hoarded the tissues in the office and probably germed up half of campus, but it could be worse. 

My eyes are so swollen and my head is throbbing and my body is aching to the point that sitting here at a desk is becoming a burden. Obviously I have such a terrible life here with my cold... No complaining is necessary I know! But my point is, my blog is going to suck today because I feel just a bit sucky. And that is that. GET A FLU SHOT PEOPLE AND DRINK LOTS OF ORANGE JUICE. Stay healthy my loves. Don't get colds. They suck. 

I'm sure I will look back at this tomorrow and think "What the hell were you on, Nikki?" Flu meds. I blame all the weirdness and the bizarre blog post on flu meds. They do weird things to your head I'm telling you. 

That's all for now. I'm taking my sniffling nose to bed. I'm gonna go kick this cold in the ass.