The Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature.

Literature nerd alert right here people. I suppose it's the "in" thing right now to be educated and say "oh yes I've read all of F. Scott Fitzgerald's and Ernest Hemmingway's works" but I suppose famous authors became famous for a reason and the famous quotes that end up on posters and greeting cards really are quite nice. I say this because Buzzfeed recently released one of the most cultured things they will probably ever release. It's a list of some of the most beautiful sentences in literature. Whether it's to feel cultured or to just brighten up your day with some beautiful prose, here is a list of 51 of the best quotes in literature. I admire these people simply because they are badasses at putting words together and assigning a true deep meaning to them. 

Nerd moment over, but really go read these beautiful quotes. Just do it. Let you inner literary nerd out for just a moment. You won't regret it.