I think this is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Whether your tragedies are big or small is relative and doesn't really matter; the point is that they hurt enough to be tragedies. That kind of pain isn't easy to let go of. Positivity doesn't come easy from tragedies and often lessons don't reveal themselves for quite sometime. The purpose of the pain can be hidden for eternity making it a struggle to maintain any sort of hope that the rips it left inside will heal. And as true as that is, I still have to say that we can't let the scars have dominion over us. Our haunting memories only have the power we give to them. And though our hearts feel shredded, they can heal. 

Our tragedies can be shackles if we allow them to be; though that seems like giving up and relinquishing our strength and power to something that doesn't deserve it. But we do have the power to turn our tragedies and pain into a force of strength that allows us to survive some even more painful moments. It's hard to believe often times when shit really does get tough that everything will be okay, but everything happens for a reason. And I don't think we suffer to end up jaded. I think we suffer to make us stronger. But in the end, that's really our choice.