Applying for Jobs Part 2

My journey of applying to "big girl" jobs is an ongoing trek to success. Now that my resume is complete, my cover letter is powerful and convincing, my references are key and my website is ready for perusal. But because half of my time was spent perfecting all of my content to even begin applying, I'm actually stuck applying for jobs now. The hardest bit of it all. 

I began by searching and searching and made a list of all the jobs I thought I had a possibility of obtaining. Then, the tragedy struck... I actually had to apply for the jobs. Every time I hit that "send" on the email or the "submit application now" button, a wave of anxiety hits because what if none of these send or submit application buttons actually amount to anything. 

But my advice for all of you upcoming grads and really to myself as well, keep on going. Even if you send in a hundred applications and don't hear anything, don't quit. Send in a hundred more. Determination and honest passion are the key to success in my book. The right job will come along, the perfect city will call and life post graduation will all work out. 

While, I'm sitting over here pouring over my list of possible jobs, I'm just going to keep in mind the hope that still exists.