Glassy Shenanigans Part 2

A week or so ago I wrote a post about my adventure to the eye doctor to get this whole everything is blurry thing sorted out. I am near-sighted and have an astigmatism. So basically I can't see near or far, SUPER. But not to worry I picked out the cutest pair of little glasses that would let me see the world the way it should be seen! I waited the 7-10 businesses days and today I received the wonderful news, my glasses came in. 

I rushed over to the eye doctor at my earliest convenience and picked up my new best friend, my glasses. I put them on and as I walked around campus, I looked at EVERYTHING. It was amazing the clarity with which I can see now. It's amazing though that something as small as getting a pair of glasses to improve my eyesight could feel like such a big deal and bring so much positivity. I was actually excited to do my homework today, because I could read the text book and see the computer screen to take notes and write. 

It's small, and maybe a bit nerdy, but these glasses are such a big deal for me. It's a small thing to improve daily life, but great things sometimes happen in small steps. 

And here's me looking all smart and what not in my brand new spectacles. Horray for seeing! Anyone else out there love their glasses this much?? 

For anyone interested
The glasses are Coach (oooh how posh). Check them out here if you want the same ones!