Glassy Shenanigans

I've been on this health kick lately. Not a health kick like, I'm going to the gym every day and I only eat organic foods and I'm cutting out carbs and all that. But a health kick in which I get myself together. I guess it's more of a me kick really. 

There have been things in my life I've been putting to the side and neglecting, because they aren't on the top of my priority list (though they should be). I'm so focused on doing well in school and going to work and applying to full-time jobs for after graduation and being preoccupied with day to day things and worrying about other people that I forget to take care of myself. But not taking care of yourself can have serious consequences in the future and I'm beginning to realize that... 

As a part of this taking care of myself thing I've been spending more time alone reading and writing and doing what I want and not feeling obligated to hangout with people to gain some peace of mind. I went to the dentist recently to get things with my teeth squared away, I've been forcing myself to drink more water in an attempt to feel better on a day to day basis and the other day I said screw plans and forget homework and took myself on an outdoor adventure for a few hours just to relax. 

And today, I FINALLY got my ass over to the eye doctor. I've been having trouble seeing things for a while and it's just getting worse to the point I give up looking at the board in class and am afraid to drive because I can't see things clearly. The doctor I saw was wonderful and he spoke with me about what I needed and made sure I understood everything about eye care since I'm new to this whole taking care of myself thing. He was adjusting my prescription on this large and quite frightening machine flipping lenses back and forth over and over again in front of my eyes asking me which ones I could see more clearly through. He flipped a lens and then another and another and in an instant the world went from being fuzzy like a TV on a disconnected channel to the clearest image I've ever seen. I audibly gasped out of shock at what the world could look like and the doctor just kind of giggled at me and stopped flipping the lenses right there knowing he found the exact match. My eyesight isn't even that bad, but it's amazing what clarity looks like when you are used to things being so blurred. 

Though it was something so small contained into such a tiny moment, it has been the only thing I could think about all day. The possibility of seeing like that all the time just makes me excited for the drastic improvements a simple frame and lenses can make on a day to day basis. I ordered my glasses and was honestly disappointed when they told me it would be 7 to 10 days before they would get in. I WANT TO SEE LIKE THAT RIGHT NOW. But hey, it will teach me some patience. I'm honestly filled with relief just doing another thing for myself that will make me feel better just day to day. Who knew getting glasses would be so exciting?!