Not So Alone

This will be short and sweet because my evening was spent with a good friend and now I'm sleepy. We had drinks at the bar and talked about life. It's funny because so often we think (or at least I think) that I'm quite alone in some of my experiences and feelings, but the thing is someone else out there is going through the same thing, and often it's someone that you know quite well. I guess it made me feel comforted knowing that I wasn't the only one burdened with all sorts of feelings and large decisions. I wasn't the only one struggling to figure things out. And while the thought of someone else struggling as well doesn't normally comfort me, it did tonight. I think it helped because I felt so alone and isolated in my situation that the thought someone else may be going through something so similar set me at ease knowing I wasn't the only one. And knowing that I had someone to lean on made me feel comforted and safe.