Patron Saint of Not So Lost Causes

Aren't we all a little bit lost? Aren't we all wandering for a while? Don't we all lose sight of the goals and ambitions we once set forth for ourselves?

We all lose our way at least once. Once if you're lucky, many times if you're normal. We are all led astray. That's the truth of it. Our paths aren't always clear. They can be blurred. Storms toss debris and brush in front of us. Our feet get caught amongst the rubble and we trip and fall. We get turned around and messed up and frustrated and confused with our purposeful direction that not the simplest thing seems clear any longer. And when everything falls apart sometimes, we just feel worthless. We're lost. A minuscule lost cause. 

But when you feel lost, it isn't the time to give up trying to find your direction. Look for any signs to get you back on your path. And when there isn't anyone there to fight for you or to pull you up or to put you back on your path, fight for yourself. You are your biggest and greatest warrior. Bet on yourself. Put the odds in your favor. Believe in your strength. Trust in your gut. Fight for yourself.