Positive Vibes and Jason Derulo

After a large burst of energy where I got an incredible amount of homework done, the sleep deprivation is beginning to kick in. Here I am typing away with the hopes of not having any spelling or grammar errors, though I know I will inevitably have quite a few. 

This weekend was lovely. I accomplished so many little things I needed to get done, had a lovely Valentine's Day with my friends and was lucky enough to attend a So You Think You Can Dance filming. Random right? But so very exciting. I got to spend my afternoon staring and the gorgeousness that is Jason Derulo! (insert heart eye emoji here). All of this seems random and decently pointless, but I am writing about it because they are little things that have honestly brightened up my attitude the past few days. When we walk around with negative attitudes we sometimes ignore all the little things that go right or little things we accomplish. Those are things that would normally instill a sense of relief and positivity, but we ignore them because we are stuck in a rut of pessimism. I get stuck often enough I have to admit, but I'm so thankful that I was able to open up my eyes for the weekend and let in all the positive vibes that were coming my way. 

I think it's important that we remind ourselves to keep our minds open to the possibility of positivity. Because more often than we realize, wonderful things happen to us and the happiness and peace that comes with them is quite healing. 

That is all, the sleep is winning and now I am falling asleep at my keyboard.