Who I've Become

I can't say I'm perfect, or even close to it. I never will be. In fact, I'm more aware of my imperfections now than I ever have been, I think. As I'm aware of my imperfections, I am beginning to become wonderfully and freely aware of my powerful strengths. I'm in a transition phase from everything I've known to be safe, through a path of pain and hurt and disappointment into a world where the burdens I bare and the scars I wear become lighter and lighter. The me I've been underneath all along begins to reject all the pain that cloaked me for so long. And it's there that I discover true strength and power in the person I was created to be. 

And instead of being afraid of my imperfections and downfalls and instead of shying away from the pain and hurt and instead of being timid to embrace the strength I do have, I am going to proudly claim everything about me. Because I have fought to become who I've become. And if I spent all that time and energy fighting for me, then I must have not been fighting in vain. I was fighting for something worth while. And that's what I am: proud, strong and worth while.