Applying for Jobs Part 3

All my fellow senior university seniors raise your hands!!! This is unintentionally becoming an actual series now. A few weeks have passed since I began this tiring, treacherous and emotional journey of applying for jobs. The past two weeks or so, I have been contemplating many things as so far my efforts to applying haven't exactly paid off. Here are just a couple of the thousand things going through my head at any given moment:

1) Am I applying too early? I don't graduate university until May; maybe companies don't want to look into someone who can't start for a while.

2) I don't have 3-5 years of experience!!! All of these companies seem to want someone with 3-5 years of experience, which I don't quite have. I have 0-2 or 1-3! But not 3-5....

3) Take on chance on me!!! (cue Abba). Even though I don't have 3-5 years experience, I can still bring a lot to the table and I learn very quickly.


5) Wait did I already apply to that company? I've applied to so many places, I've forgotten which ones I've applied to and which ones I haven't. Better be safe than, sorry I'll just apply again!

6) DOES MY RESUME HAVE SPELLING ERRORS?! Maybe that's why I'm not getting any calls. That must be it. I probably misspelled something really dumb too like "managging" or "sociaal media" or my name or something like that. Time to spend HOURS AND HOURS PROOFREADING EVERY LINE A THOUSAND TIMES TO MAKE SURE IT'S PERFECT.

7) Am I too jolly in my emails? I probably used too many exclamation points didn't I? I just get so excited when sending in my resume that I just can't contain myself!!!!

8) HOW AM I GOING TO GET A JOB BY MAY?! Like it's already March, I must be totally screwed.

9) *Reminds self to be patient*: Hey Nikki, don't worry about it, the right job will come, it's all okay. *checks Facebook* of course that really snotty girl from high school got her dream job!!!! 

10) *Actually remind self to be patient*: Hey Nikki, stop stressing the right job will come along.

The transition into the real world is not an easy one, that's for sure. Amongst all the stress and worry, I just have to keep reminding myself that I've worked really hard throughout college and the right job will come along. 

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