Growing Up and Moving On

It's been a long time coming for me to get blogging. This semester has been full of me writing BLOG TODAY in ink soaked letters in my planner. When said day rolls around and my planner is yelling at me to get on here, I just don't. There's not a specific reason why, other than life gets in the way. But it's about to get out of the way. 

In exactly a month, I am graduating college. WHAT. It has been four years of dedication, tears, laughter, pain, heartache, success, dreams coming true and so many more emotions that I will document at a later date when I have the capacity to be more emotional. 

These last couple weeks of classes and homework and exams are, undoubtedly, going to be challenging. Motivation has already began to fade away and my mind is floating somewhere in the not to distant future when I am working full-time and accepting all of the responsibilities of adulthood, including but not limited to the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of student loans I get to pay off. 

Oddly enough I am excited for this change and ready for what life brings me. College has beaten me down a bit, emotionally. It has been the best time of my life, but I have to say parts of it were also the worst. And those parts left me empty and uninspired. I learned though that I can't let those things eat away at me in vain. I need to do something with them. The thing that ripped away my inspiration for a time has now brought it back. And I'm hoping that once I am all settled in to a new life, I will have the ability to spend countless hours reflecting on my past and making sense of it all through none other than words. I want to create something great and significant and further my career in writing, which so far, has been limited to getting published in my school newspaper and sending submissions off to literary journals and never hearing back. 

I know I have a purpose here and writing is part of that purpose. I'm so excited to be free from the world of tests and homework and group projects for a while, so I can focus my energies on creating something great. Whether that be more blog posts, essays or a novel, I don't know yet. I think my future writing career will take on whatever form its meant to have. 

This post is mainly for me, but for anyone out there who needs a bit of encouragement when they are feeling downtrodden. Take what you love and pursue it with everything you have. Though I don't write on here often, I never stop writing, and I hope that pays off one day. I think it will. And I think that if you plug away at something you care so deeply about, it will pay off for you as well.