Summer Reading List 2015

I'm being realistic with my summer reading list this year. Normally I make a list of nearly 15 books and tell myself I am going to read them all... I get through one and then quit because that one book took me three weeks and the 15 books goal was always a little too ambitious. So this summer I chose four. I feel as if four is a solid and attainable goal. Let's do this!

1) Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan is a true story about a journalist that has some weird brain situation, I'm not sure on the details and don't want to spoil anything, but apparently it's a fascinating read. I chose this because it's written by a journalist and it's also non-fiction (right up my alley)! I am most excited about this book as I've only heard amazing things about it. 

2) Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts is the fourth book in the Bride Quartet series of books about four best friends who all fall in love and get married all while running their own wedding business. I can't say the books are well written or that the plot takes all sorts of twists and turns, but for some reason I love these books. They are great if you are looking for something extremely light to make you giggle and force a smile on your face. These books do just that for me, so this final installment should be a nice read after diving into a heavy book. 

3) The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes is a novel that begins in the early 1900s France and transition into modern days. I hear the book has unique character development and a strong voice. My roommate said that once you get into it, it's a page turner so I'm excited to read something a bit different. Plus, I keep seeing Jojo Moyes' name everywhere so I want to be in on the Jojo Moyes fan club. 

4) Tell It Slant is actually a book I was assigned my last creative writing class I took in college. It's written to help and inspire non-fiction creative writers. As a primarily non-fiction creative writer, I am always looking to improve upon my art. So, though I've been through this book before, I am going to go through it again and really delve in deep, do all of the writing exercises and get the most I can get out of the book. 

So that's my summer reading list! Perhaps this will give some of you an idea or two on what to read this summer. If you think there are any gaps in my reading list, post your summer reading list below in the comments because I am always looking for book suggestions! 

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