Adios College

the beautiful denton sunset that i will miss SO MUCH.
It seems like yesterday that I was at my parents house boxing up the bits of my childhood that still remained in their attic to be put into storage or driven 600 miles away to Kansas City, my family's new "home." Exactly a year later I'm at the same juncture of boxing up my life to store it away. My clothes go into the large boxes and my journals and books get stacked in smaller boxes. Pictures and special mugs from all of my adventures get bubble wrapped, placed gently into a box and labeled with FRAGILE.

Up until this point, leaving was an idea, a future event, a thing I didn't have to deal with right now, a worry for tomorrow, a bridge I would cross at a later date. But now as I am walking through my daily life I am doing things here for the last time, and am realizing I've started taking steps over that bridge. I've been in this town for the past four years never living more than a walk or a short car ride away from my university and the colorful life surrounding it. This little town and all of it's quirks and fascinating humans has proved to be the best home to me: a place where I feel inspired, relaxed and most like myself. While, 36,000 other students strode along campus everyday beside me, I still felt as if this was my town far enough away from the bubble I grew up in, but close enough to remind me who I really am. 

While I graduated in May and officially now have a "college degree," my undergraduate college career hasn't felt totally over until right about now. Soon enough I won't be able to walk down the street and sit in my favorite coffee shop and look out the dusty window at the freshman desperately trying to figure out where the Language Building is and gag at the couple viciously making out on a bench outside of the Auditorium Building. I won't be able to get dressed up and walk 30 seconds to the bars with my friends for a night of margaritas and dancing. I won't be able to take early morning walks through campus in the fall sipping on a hot latte while crunching the millions of fallen leaves under my boots appreciating the calm things in life. I won't be able to walk to the town center with my best friends for the annual town Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. As I've done all of these things for the last time this past year, especially the past couple of weeks, I've grown to appreciate my time in college even more. The joys and adventures and lessons it brought me are insurmountable. While, I'm sad this period is ending, I'm so overjoyed that I was lucky enough to have an amazing college experience, in the quirkiest, sweetest and homiest town.

It's scary to be leaving something so comforting and homey to enter an existence where everything is new, but all I can do now is look forward to the next set of adventures I know are waiting just beyond the horizon. I am thankful, though, for the people I met and grew to love during my time in college. They are souls my heart has connected with and friendships that I know will last a lifetime, and I have never been able to say that before. For anyone reading this that I met in college, thank you for the impact you have had on my life. I love you all so dearly.

Here's to the end of the era. Now, time to pack the last of my boxes.

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