Applying for Jobs Part 4 (a message to all the job hunters)

"YES I'M STILL APPLYING FOR JOBS, LEAVE ME ALONE"- every jobless recent college graduate out there. 

So, I got back from an amazing post graduation trip to Greece to be greeted by the overwhelming anxiety of, well shit... now I actually have to find a job. Night after night for the weeks following I would lie in bed with my burning eyes peeled staring at the same spot on the ceiling letting the anxiety dribble down on me and hopelessness of 'maybe I won't ever find a job' sink in. Mind you, I am doing things with my life. I didn't graduate college then just forget about everything I had worked for. I've been reading, blogging, getting my car fixed, visiting doctor after doctor and doing a hefty load of freelance work to keep the bills paid, all while obsessively looking up jobs and applying for each and every one of them.

When I entered college, I was under the impression that, right, I'll work really hard, take all sorts of opportunities, get my degree and then just get a job. Just like that. If I have a degree, a job will just come along. Maybe for a few lucky folks that's how it worked out, but not so much for me. It's hard work applying and looking for jobs, especially in the journalism field. By golly, my life would have been so much easier if I had just studied computer science or something technical like that. Jobs would literally be raining down on me from the heavens. But the journalism/marketing field is competitive. Extremely competitive. And while I am really good at what I do, there are a lot of other recents grads really good at the same stuff and probably be willing to get paid much less.

So, it's difficult keeping the faith. It is easy to get downtrodden when you apply for 30 jobs each week and hear back from maybe one or two places or not hear back from any at all. So, what do you do when stuck in that situation? Apply for more jobs, I suppose. Follow up with all of the jobs you applied for, and continuously tell yourself it is all going to work out and be as it should be. It's comforting knowing that everything happens for a reason, and things will work out how they are meant to, but that doesn't always relieve the momentary anxieties of "WHY IS NO ONE EMAILING ME BACK OR OFFERING ME A JOB."

So, advice to myself and to all other job hunters out there: work hard and keep the faith. No matter how anxiety-filled your days are right now, things will work out and your hard work will pay off. I have to believe that, otherwise what's the point really?

That's all for now my lovely fellow job hunters. Go send in another resume!!

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