Top Summer Tunes 2015

If any of you have read my blog in the past, you would know I have a bit of an odd music taste. Not odd for me, but odd to the outside world because most people are quite surprised when they find out I primarily listen to metalcore music... but my music taste DOES indeed expand beyond that. I am almost always listening to music, so finding the perfect songs to fit the mood is absolutely necessary. I chose these songs based upon my ability to blare them loudly in my car with the windows rolled down pretending I'm in some movie during an emotional montage. If I can feel like a movie star while listening to them, they passed the test. All jokes aside, these are some feel good tunes guaranteed to make you want to roll the windows down in your car and sing along. 

Young by Air Review
This band reminds me of all the super popular indie bands/artists like Mumford and Sons, Vance Joy, The Neighborhood, Of Monsters And Men, etc. While these bands are often overplayed, Air Review is a lesser known (though just as talented) band that produces feel good music with the indie influence. This song Young will ABSOLUTELY force you to believe in the magic of summer. 

The Strays by Sleeping With Sirens
This wouldn't be a perfect music list without a Sleeping With Sirens song. Their latest album, Madness, is more low key and pop punk than it is metalcore. Even through their transitioning sound I remain a HUGE fan and it is because of songs like The Strays. This is a sweet little song that fully captures what it was like being an outsider and a scene kid growing up. Even if you weren't a scene kid, the sound in this song is freeing, powerful and uplifting and will, of course, make you want to roll your windows down! 

Secret by Angel Snow
This song is a little bit more laid back and subtle, but genius nonetheless. Angel Snow's voice is pure, genuine and interesting making this song intriguing, but relaxing at the same time. First time I listened to it, I got the chills so there's that. 

Anywhere But Home by Breathe Carolina
This is Breathe Carolina's most recent single and it is everything and more. As Breathe Carolina transitions from the metalcore scene into the EDM scene, they produce music like this that not only makes you want to roll your windows down and get emotional, but also fist bump in a club while jumping around uncontrollably. 

While I listen to so much other music on a daily basis, these seem to be my ultimate favorites for the summer as they capture the warm and uplifting feeling that summer brings. Clearly, I am not an expert music reviewer, but I just love these songs so much I just HAD to share. What are your favorite songs for the summer? 

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