Brain On Fire by Susannah Cahalan | Book Review

As a journalism major and nonfiction lover, Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan was my cup of perfectly brewed tea. I raced through this book in a mere 2-3 days, because right from the get go, Cahalan draws in the readers with her captivating writing.  Even when it's two a.m., your eyes are shutting and your body is battling sleep, she tempts you to read "just another page!"

Without giving too much away, Cahalan tells the true story about a disease she had in her early 20s that left her with virtually no memory for a month of her life. This book intertwines science, psychology and human struggle all into one beautifully articulated package. Like previously mentioned, not only is the story itself fascinating, but the way Cahalan organizes and tells her story is nothing short of brilliant. 

As a nonfiction lover, this book ticked off everyone of my "perfect book" boxes, but even for those who prefer every other genre of book should pick this one up, because it will no doubt tickle their fancy as well. 

If I was an actual book critic and not just some chick blogging about her favorite books, I would give this 5 STARS!!! In all seriousness this book was a fascinating observation of the human psyche and how it endures traumatic events and situations. While, not everyone experiences the events in their lives that Susannah did, I think everyone can at least gain something from reading this book. 

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