Motivational Monday

For today's Motivational Monday I am reminding us all of something that we all (especially me) seem to often forget, and that is contentment. As a society we are taught to dream and dream big, reach for our loftiest goals with every intention of reaching them. I am a full believer in that ideal. 

But, just like most things in life, there's a downside. That downside is that because we dream so big and can often achieve our goals, we set happiness limits for ourselves. We think 'I will be happy once I _____'. I will be happy once I get a job. I will be happy once I get a promotion. I will be happy once I'm able to travel abroad. I'll be happy once I publish a book. I'll be happy once I buy a fast car. I'll be happy once I get married. I'll be happy once I have kids. And the list goes on, and of course is unique to each individual. But we tell ourselves over and over again that we will only be happy when we reach a certain goal. Or we will only be content once we accomplish a certain thing. 

We are often too future oriented to be content and happy for where we are in life right now. Because once we start putting limits on our happiness, we live restless and sometimes pretty miserable lives, never exactly content and always thinking about the next thing we have to do to be happy. We are not able to find peace at any life juncture. Even if I do get that promotion or even if I do travel to here or there, there's always another promotion waiting around the corner and there's always another country to visit. 

It is important to have big dreams and little dreams and big goals and little goals, but it is just as important to be thankful for how far you've gotten. Thankfulness for your current state mixed with goals and dreams for the future create an equilibrium where peace and contentment reside. I think that's true success and true meaning in life. Creating happiness and contentment in every sector and juncture of life will (I think) allow you to enjoy other aspects of life so much more, because you aren't lusting after a certain milestone to bring you happiness, you create it yourself. Whether you are the CEO or a company or just the intern. Whether you have a big house or a small one. Whether you have a PhD or a GED. We should be thankful for them all, because in each one of those uniquely beautiful junctures, we can find true peace and contentment. 

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