Motivational Monday

This has proven itself over and over again for me throughout my life, especially recently. The days and periods of our lives when we are out of our element and in our most uncomfortable and vulnerable places, we learn the most about ourselves. The truth and core of who we are comes out, and our real character is revealed. 

For years, fear and anxiety would keep me from doing things that would be good for me, but put me outside of my comfort zone. It would mean feeling weird for a time or having tough days. And I wasn't prepared to do that. But then I decided to just say yes to things, even if they for situations or opportunities that would put me outside of my comfort zone. And I'm so glad I did, because the things I learned about myself during those times far outweighed the fear it took to do them.  

I suppose this is just something to think about for a Motivational Monday. Being out of your comfort zone or having an uncomfortable day isn't always a bad thing. I think it helps you grow. So maybe look at your days differently. Don't let being uncomfortable and don't let being out of your comfort zone scare you. Let it empower you. 

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