On Living Your Best Life

One night when standing on the sidewalk in darkness at 11 p.m. illuminated only by the porch light in front of his house this guy once said to me "Nicole, I live my life and make my decisions based on the memories I want to have." In the moment he said this to me, I thought he was being a know it all smart ass and attempting to be existential and purposeful and sappy. But the longer I thought about it, and the more I delved into the type of life I wanted to live, I realized that he had a point, regardless of his intentions with that statement. You should make your decisions on the memories you want to have, or really in my case, the experiences I want to live.

I have a yearning for experiencing everything in this world. I am not content simply getting up in the morning, going to work, coming home, watching TV and going to sleep. To be fair, one of those days every now and then is nice, but overall I want more than that. I want to experience different lifestyles, different cultures, different countries, different worlds. It was when I fully understood why he said that, that I began to live differently.

It wasn't an AH HAH moment and I didn't have an epiphany, but things slowly began to change. I knew I wanted to travel and I knew I wanted to have beautiful and exciting memories of crazy adventures, but things had always stopped me. Money, anxiety, fear of the unknown. But at one point I had to decide to stop letting those things control my decisions. I began to make decisions based on the life I wanted to live deep down. When opportunities began to present themselves, I had no other option but to say 'Yes.' And just do it. It was one of the best decisions or transformations in my life, because then I started to live life the way I wanted to live it. I began to travel and see the world and take chances and do things I never would have done before.

I've always had an idea in my head of what I wanted my life to look like and the memories I wanted to have, and now I finally feel like I am living that life and creating those memories that are burned into your brain for eternity. I suppose I should congratulate myself on finally stepping up to the plate, but I also have to extend a thanks to the know-it-all-smart-ass-existentialist-sounding-dude that inspired me to take a chance in the first place. 

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