Top Autumn Tunes 2015 (Metal Version)

I did a Top Summer Tunes playlist all about the top songs I was listening to over the summer and why I loved them so darn much, and thought it was only appropriate I did one for fall!

I determine my favorite seasonal songs based on a number of criteria, but the very most important being: can you turn the song up loud, roll the windows down in your car, stick your arms out of the windows and feel totally free? If the answer is yes, then the song is a winner. 

For me, autumn tunes must not only capture my heart and soul, but coincide nicely with the cooling air, crunching leaves and smell of firewood that permeates the night air. You may not see music through the same lens, because to be fair my lens is pretty weird, but you probably understand the general feeling.  

This list is special and goes out to all of my fellow metalcore, post hardcore and pop punk lovers out there. There will be a more general list at a later date, but I've found myself listening to some amazing screamo tunes that capture this autumn essence that I simply must share. 

So without wasting anymore time, my favorite autumn tunes.

The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray by I The Mighty 
From their album Connector I The Mighty has always produced excellent music. They combine the traditional aspects of metalcore and add a unique voice. This song has those elements and also combines sex with a bit of sadness for a sultry, yet powerful song that will have you singing at the top of your lungs and a beat that will leave you head banging. 

Ambivalence by Atlas Uncharted
Their new single 
I've never heard of Atlas Uncharted until a friend showed me this song, and to be honest I haven't listened to anything else they've done because I've been too busy listening to this song on repeat! It starts off sounding a bit peppy and happy, but once the song goes on you realize how powerful and deep it goes; not only with the lyrics but with the sound. It gets so intricate, and leaves you feeling all the feelings by the end. 

In Between by Beartooth 
From their album Disgusting 
I love this song for the reason that it is just plain catchy. It doesn't have a particularly unique or interesting sound, but it captures post hardcore in a beautiful nutshell. 

I Am by Hands Like Houses 
Their new single 
Hands Like Houses continuously gets better and better. This single called I Am that came out earlier this year, is a perfect example. They still maintain their original sound while combining more electronic sounding elements with traditional metal elements for a very epic sounding single. 

The Sun Always Rises by Hearts and Hands 
From their album My Own Machine
Hearts and Hands is my go to fall band. For some reason they remind me of chilly weather, rain and late nights. I think the reason is I fell in love with them the fall of 2014 and have been obsessed ever since. This song has an almost melodramatic sound in all of the best ways and a beautiful cadence that builds and falls drawing you in deeper and deeper. Not to mention the lyrics are extremely powerful and personal to me. This song MUST be listened to on loud to fully envelope yourself into its magic. This song is the epitome of fall to me for whatever reason. 

Drown by Bring Me The Horizon
From their most recent album, That's The Spirit
Saving the best for last! Bring Me The Horizon never disappoints and they proved themselves once with this song. It's a bit of a different sound for BMTH, but it's working for them. It's a little bit more typical metalcore, yet they are still able to make that unique and interesting. I don't care who you are, this song will make you feel all of the things. Fall is a time of deep thought for me and this song definitely captures that feeling of connecting to yourself on a deeper level. Not to mention the sound is pure magic. 

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