Book Review: All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

I've heard chatter about this book among all of my avid reader friends so, I thought it was worth checking out. Boy was I right. 

On the surface this book is about mental health, labels and meaningful relationships interspersed with romance, comedy and heartache. Initially, it was the subject matter that drew me in because I am always fascinated by books exploring the subject of mental health and suicide, but what kept me reading what the writing style. 

I've mentioned writing style before when reviewing other books, so I probably sound like a broken record, but it makes a world of a difference. The plot could be excellent, but if it's written poorly, no one it going to keep turning the pages. This book tells the story from a fist person perspective, but jumps between the two main characters: Finch and Violet. Most authors can't pull this off (in my opinion), but Jennifer Niven not only pulls it off, but navigates it with the utmost grace that makes the book flow seamlessly. Toss a compelling and heart wrenching storyline into the mix and you have a real page turner that will leave you thinking and wanting more from Finch and Violet. 

While the book is classified as a YA novel, I think any age group can stand to gain bits of insight from it. The subject matter hits some complex points and explores ideas and thought processes that those in adulthood and teenage years alike can relate to. This book is definitely going to become a favorite for a lot of people.

Be prepared to feel things. 

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