My New Year's Resolution: Get a Cat

Every year I choose one good new years resolution. One solid thing I am going to put my mind to and accomplish, yet every year I fail. Whether it’s read more, eat fewer carbs, save more money, clean my room more often, I always fail. I last until February, maybe March or abandon all hope by the second week of January. The only new year's resolution I ever completed in entirety is when I started this blog back in 2012. I decided on a very hung over January 1st that it sounded like fun to blog every day of the year. So, in 2012 I blogged every single day. It was really just a way to keep me writing, expressing myself and working on my skills as a writer. I blogged every single day and it was probably one of my greatest accomplishments to date. I occasionally shared my blogs on Facebook or Twitter, but primarily kept it as a little place for me.

With the near year beginning in a matter of a few hours, I’ve been contemplating why it was that that was the only New Year’s Resolution I actually completed? It inspired me. That’s why. Eating fewer carbs or cleaning my room or saving money never really inspired me, so I was never able to really stick with them. They were simply tasks to add to my already long to do list. Blogging and writing every day inspired and challenged me in such a way that I looked forward to completing the task every day without a thought of abandonment. It allowed me to discover so much about who I am as a writer, who I am as a creative, who I am as a creator and most importantly who I am as a person.

This year I’m not going to make a resolution to eat better or exercise more or clean more. I’m not even going to make a resolution to write more. I am, however, going to make a resolution to be inspired, to hunt for things in my world that enlighten me and inspire me to my core, to search out experiences and moments that brighten my outlook and drive me to create extraordinary things. That is my new year's resolution.

I think I’m already on my way there, ridding my life of unnecessary negativity and focusing on the good and the bright and the positive, but I want that inspiration that came from writing everyday back in 2012, I want that and so much more.

I’m not setting resolution goals or tasks or checklists, but I’m establishing a mindset. A mindset always looking for the next enlightening moment or experience and not allowing myself to fall prey to a mundane life. I want every day to be full of inspiring things, big or small. So, there it is. My new year’s resolution, my 2016 theme if you will... Inspiration.

Oh and get a cat. I want to get a cat in 2016.

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  1. I really like that - establishing a mindset. It's that bigger picture thinking that I think helps people to be more successful with their goals than anything else. And totally, get a cat!! ;)