That Time I Graduated from College

It’s hard to comprehend that this time last year I was walking across that “distinguished” stage in a green robe and hat, shaking the hand of my school’s dean and being handed my diploma. To think that was an entire year ago is a little bit mind boggling. It feels as if I graduated a couple weeks ago.

It’s funny because I wasn’t exactly surprised or particularly proud of myself in that moment. From a young age I knew I was going to get a college degree. It was just a complete certainty. There was no doubt about it. So I walked that stage, got my diploma and carried on like nothing much had changed. Yeah, I had a college degree. Cool. Moving on…

It wasn’t until a few months later when it began to sink in. As I was hunting for jobs and meeting new people left and right I was constantly reminded of my past accomplishments as I was spewing them out in little elevator speeches. And little by little things throughout daily life would remind me how lucky I was to have a bachelor’s degree. When those inevitable reflective life moments came, I would sit and think about what I’ve done with my life so far… I always felt extremely proud.

And if someone were to ask me, “what’s the coolest thing you’ve done?”

I would say travel, start a blog and graduate from college. Those were my bragging rights. The “cool” things I’d done. That degree made it in the top three. That’s a pretty big deal.

A year later, I’m living in my very own apartment, working a full-time job at an agency, writing non-stop, making connections, still traveling and learning more and more about myself with every day that passes.

While it didn’t feel like a big deal then, I look back and have a deep bubbling feeling of pride for everything I’ve been able to accomplish despite the setbacks and struggles that come with being an anxiety ridden “new” adult. I shouldn’t take for granted that I was lucky enough to go to college and I shouldn’t take for granted my own abilities. Because I can tell you, that bachelor’s degree was not a walk in the park. But I made it through, and graduated with honors and motivation still intact.

Enough bragging about myself. Time to go creep on people’s graduation photos.


  1. Congrats! College is hard work. After taking some time off, I'm currently chipping away at my Bachelors. I've grown comfortable with college, but it's the post-graduation that scares me a little. This was a good read. :)

    1. Thanks Kaili! Good luck with your Bachelors! Post-grad life is tough at first, but very rewarding :)