When Your Best Friends Get Married

Story time! I have this group of amazing friends. There are six of us – four of us gals and two dudes who are so in love it’s magical. We call ourselves Da Besties. We laugh a lot, play A LOT of board games and are constantly seeking new adventures together. Well, this past weekend Da Besties, along with three other wonderful people in the wedding party, were lucky enough to embark on our biggest adventure yet! We were able to celebrate the love of our two magically in love friends at THEIR WEDDING. Not only were we at the wedding, we were IN the wedding as their Groomsbabes. We couldn’t exactly be called bridesmaids because you know there wasn’t a bride. So, we decided to call ourselves the Groomsbabes. If I’m being honest, I like this name way better than bridesmaid.

It was one of THE best evenings. It was incredible to see all of their friends and family there to celebrate the two of them and their love. I cried, I laughed, I got drunk, I danced, I hugged a lot of people. It was a fantastic evening. Not to mention we performed a special little dance for everyone in attendance (watch below). I’m still reeling from the excitement and joy of witnessing an evening filled with such love. They are now off on their month long honeymoon exploring and enjoying their new married life together. If you are creepy like me and want to read about their adventures, go check out their blog because it’s AMAZING: SwinKell Honeymoon

Luke and Landon have truly taught me what it means to love someone fully and unconditionally by the way they not only love each other, but by how together they love everyone around them so intensely. I couldn’t ask for a better role model of a couple than them. Cheers to Luke and Landon and their married life. And cheers to the cheesy pictures (courtesy of Jessica Lovell who snapped pics all weekend) of our fun-filled weekend! 

Check out our wedding dance! 


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  1. It’s amazing when our best friend gets married. Last month attended my best friend’s wedding at one of wonderful NYC wedding venues. It was a grand event with lovely arrangements and beautiful decorations. Loved everything there.